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November Update 2023

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Blessings to all through our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I rejoice in the workings of the body of Christ as we continue to seek Him and make His name known.


An update from Samson:

I am going to give a little update on this past month here in Rochester, NY and than I have video posted below that shares a little more about our time in Costa Rica. We were blessed by my homechurch in Iowa, as our friends Dayne and Rick helped us put together a video. Access to that will be at the bottom of this blog.

Rochester... How this season has looked very different! In hard transitions, I often reflect on the hopelessness of a life without God. I often ponder how I even managed to get by before knowing Him. It has grown my compassion for those around me. We find our hope and strength in God. Many don't have that. They are captive by their fears, anxieties, emotions, and circumstances. In the midst of diffcult things, we can stand firm in Christ. What an honor! As we settled into a lot of unknowns, resting in God as our refuge helped us adjust. God is good!

We have continued to grow in fellowship with the youth group here. We are meeting with the group from 1-3 times a week and also with some of them individually. It is a blessing to step into a pastoral role. Looking back, I have seen hints of this gift in my life. Hints of people speaking it over my life before I even knew it myself. Or knew how to walk in it. Times when I was also far from qualified to step into it! God has been so gracious and kind to allow me to steward this role at Trinity Communion Church. I recognize and embrace that my purpose is to be a pastor among the people of God. The fruit that I get to see from men giving themselves over to Jesus is deeply rewarding. To reflect on all the men I have been able to stretch this gift out to, I am so thankful for the path God has put before me. All glory to Him. He has done it all simply by grace.

We have around 20 youth coming on our regular sunday nights. About 5 of those youth are new to the group since we have got here. I get to drive them to and from every event we have so it has been awesome to get to know them more! As we continue in ministry, here are some good prayers...

  • For those that are in the youth group to grow deeper in their faith, and that any youth that haven't given their lives to Christ would do so!

  • That God will grow the youth group with the people He has in mind. Including the leadership that can come along and support us.

  • For availability and desire to come from the youth as they seek to serve God and put Him first.

  • That we can learn what it looks like to priortize ministry and pastoring amidst other obligations.

  • That God will continue to give us the wisdom of how to honor Him with our time at youth group.

  • That we will continue to find community, especially around our age!

Thank you so much for engaging in prayer over our ministry. What a generous way you can support us by going to God in prayer. We thank you for all the prayers you have made on behalf of the ministry work we are doing.

Please click below to see the video about our time in Costa Rica. Just the tip of the iceberge it feels like in all that happened that year. We woud love to share more. Feel free to text or call me at 515-777-0411 or email at If you feel led to give and/or want to take advantage of tax deduction this 2023 year, the link to do so will also be below. God bless! May the Lord lead you on paths of righteousness for His name's sake.

Samson & Chloe

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1 Comment

Karen Harrison
Karen Harrison
Dec 19, 2023

Oh, Samson, I just watched the video again and cried all the way through it--tears of both joy and sadmess. My joy come from hearing your strong committment of following God's great commandment to disciple others. I see you and Chloe doing that so well. Bless you. My sadness comes when I think of the relationships you have left behind and realize how difficult this transition much be. And of course, there are grandma tears because I miss you both so much, especially during this season of family togetherness. Be assured, I am praying for your requests for the youth group, and also that you will be blessed with new friendships with people your age. Love and hugs, Grandma Karen


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