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Mar 2023 Ministry Update

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Hello friends and family! We are excited to bring you another update of our time here in Costa Rica on missions. You have probably noticed a change in platforms. We felt led to create a better platform for our supporters by providing a website that contains all our information in one place. All who were subscribed to our blogs should still be subscribed as we post, so we hope an email finds you with this update. Please share our website and place to subscribe to our blogs so that we can spread the word of what God is doing here in Jaco. Please also reach out with any questions or concerns over this website as it is still a work in progress and is a big change for you all! We hope the work put in to create this platform is a blessing to you and many others!

Here is our March Update!

Oceans Edge Ministries:

Our team here at Ocean's Edge has been in a season of big transition. For a couple years now, they had only one person living on base and just housing for teams . Now they have bigger property, with a business to run, and teams to continue to host. We have been working together to find our spots to manage the body of this ministry. An organized group with a clear vision. Please continue to keep this ministry in your prayers as we pursue God's vision for our team.

Evangelistic outreach:

We have got the opportunity time and time again to share the Gospel with people here in town. We have continued to pray for opportunities and the people God has in mind as we grow in sharing the good news. To plant seeds despite the possible reactions, while doing so in gentleness. We know that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. The reality for unbelievers is devastating. An eternity apart from God. To withhold the key to life is to bring a great disservice to our family, friends, and strangers. May we all grow a greater desire and urgency to preach the Gospel. Here are some prayer requests from relationships that have come through evangelism.

Prayer requests:

  • We have a friend we met in town that works in security. We have been able to talk with him and encourage him towards the truth of the Bible. He is hopefully coming by to get a Bible soon, and we are excited to continue to build a relationship with Him and help teach Him about life as a Christian. Please pray for him to put his faith in Christ.

  • We have a friend we met here that is in a language school and is from the Netherlands. She came in one day to the coffee shop when I was reading the Bible. She asked me what I was reading, which sparked a discussion about religion. I have seen the influence of Catholicism on Christianity in Europe and it can be difficult to approach. She started by expressing that she didn't believe there had to be one truth and that all religions could be true. I was polite, but shared how there must be a truth. She started coming back more and now she is having daily devos in the Bible in the morning and coming to church. Praise God! Please pray for God to continue to open her heart and mind, and that she will put her faith in Christ.

It is truly an honor to serve our LORD and savior Jesus Christ. Life is so much sweeter. Not with blessings of this earth, but with all spiritual blessings given to us in Jesus Christ. A relationship with Him. May we continue to be servants for Christ more than for the people. To love people well, but acknowledge that as Paul says, "if I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ." Galatians 1:10 May you be encouraged to persevere in your faith, and move into deeper waters with our loving Father.

Samson & Chloe

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1 Comment

Craig Mackaman
Craig Mackaman
Mar 23, 2023

The new site looks great! Glad to hear about God’s blessings and the personal impacts of your ministry!


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