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Sep 2022 Ministry Update

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Hello friends and family! We are excited to share that we are now in Costa Rica! We are joyfully writing to update you all on the bigger vision of what we are doing here and to give insight on the way God is working through our time in Jaco. God has been revealing to us more and more and we will continue to share as our time here continues.

The more we have learned with the vision here, the more excited we have got. Here are some ways we see our time here.

Coffee shop:

The coffee shop business is going to be a great benefit to the ministry and the community. The vision is to have a place where fellowship can take place. And what Chloe and I are so excited about is that the longer term vision is hiring locals. Not only this, but to even train up baristas short term so that they can go out and use those skills at other jobs. Barista training is very valuable here in Costa Rica. We are able to use the skills God has blessed us with to empower others towards sustaining jobs. We also plan to use the space of the shop as a place for local businesses to sell their merchandise. All these outlets are ways to use what God has blessed this ministry with to provide opportunities for the community.


Chloe and I will be getting involved in many ways through the local church here. The church has had such a positive impact on this community, and we are excited to jump in with the church community and the outreach programs. A huge ministry is the youth here in Jaco. The young generation following Christ will help continue to change the tide of the town. To continue to push back the darkness of the industries here. We will get involved with the youth ministries, sharing from our experiences and guiding them towards a life surrendered to Christ.

The town:

We have such a blessing of being here longer term to build relationships with the people here. We have already seen what an impact is has for others to know we are here long term. That we aren't just here to get what the town has to offer our own satisfaction, but to love on them.

These are three big ways we see our time here being spent. This is all being made possible from your prayers and financial support. Thank you!

Samson & Chloe

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