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Jul 2023 Ministry Update

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Hello everyone! We are excited and blessed to be able to share again all that God is doing here in Costa Rica. Chloe and I have loved full time ministry here and we are thankful for your prayers and financial support. It keeps our time open to build the Kingdom of God. We have some really exciting updates for you all from this past month!

Firstly, this update is pretty crazy and yet another huge testimony of God's goodness. I have talked about my friend Ramu who when I first met was living on the streets and under the influence every time I saw him. He has now been baptized into the family of God and is walking with the Spirit of Christ. God recently brought a friend back into his life from elementary school. Her name is Jennifer. They started to catch up and next thing you know she decided to come visit. Ramu was praying a lot and was starting to consider what their future could look like. Fast forward some time (not much time haha) and they just got married! She was baptized the same morning of their wedding! She committed to the LORD and her husband on the same day. We got to celebrate with them and have a ceremony on the beach. Praise God!

Continuing on the point of baptisms, we had around 20 people get baptized at church this past Sunday! 20 people declaring that they are dead to sin and alive in Jesus Christ through their faith in Him. A handful of those who got baptized were men who are recovering from addictions. Men that I have got to grow in friendships with. We also had a teenage friend from Argentina get baptized. She is now being a light to her family by her faith!

Chloe's brother has been here in Costa Rica with us for a little over a month now. He has been helping out in the coffee shop and jumping in with our community. We are super grateful to have Him here. Please pray for his salvation. That seeds are being planted and that he sees the goodness of our God.

During this month we also went back to the states for a weeks time. I got to celebrate with my brother in Christ who just got married! I have got to be part of seeing so many men of God stewarding their relationships in honor to God and stepping into marriage. It is so beautiful to see so many men and women walking out marriage Biblically when the world has tried to twist it to be of so much lesser value than it truly is.

Whats next:

If you didn't see in our previous post, in a couple months we are moving to be youth pastors in New York. We would really love to connect with you to talk about next steps. As always, we ask for your continued prayers over our ministry. And we continue to ask for your prayers in supporting us financially to continue in ministry. Thank you!

Peace be with you all

Samson & Chloe

Phone: 515-777-0411

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