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Oct 2022 Ministry Update

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Hello everyone! This is Samson. I wanted to share a powerful story that is fresh on my mind from todays great experience.

This past morning Chloe and I headed off to church. When we got there, I ended up introducing myself to a guy who was wearing sunglasses. After he told me his name, it looked like a lightbulb came upon him, and he said "do you remember me from the beach?"

A whole year ago, I met this guy while walking along the beach. He was working in surf lessons at the time. He had asked me if I wanted lessons, but I started to talk to him to get to know him. He was in a tough spot in his personal life and was feeling hopeless. I got to share the good news of Jesus Christ with him. It was a heartfelt encounter where I got to pray for him at the end. Through his sunglasses (the same he was wearing at church), I could tell the tears were there. An encounter I wouldn't forget.

Fast forward a year later, and God appointed me to meet him again. He told me he had just started going to church 3 weeks ago. He shared how that encounter still held high importance in his life and he asked me to consider being his mentor. By the grace of God, He has made a way for me to walk alongside this man. Not just the opportunity to evangelize to him a year ago, but to disciple him when I came back. During worship we sang the song that says "even when I don't see it You're working" and it was very emotional. I was filled with great joy to see the fruit of obedience a year ago and that I got to be a part of it now.

God is moving in great ways in this world. Sometimes we don't see it. If I didn't come back here I would have never knew that this man was going to church and following Christ. I got the blessing of being able to see it, but it's not promised. We must seek to walk in obedience and trust God's hand in it along the way. He is a gracious, loving God. Whether we see the fruit here and now, our treasures are being stored up in Heaven. I pray that this uplifts those who may be discouraged in how God is working in their lives, and that it boldens you to share this good news with others.

Samson & Chloe

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